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Robotic Automation for Warehouses

Improve your warehouse productivity 8-10x with Prime Robotics. Browse Prime Robotics’ Warehouse Robotics below.

MobileShelf Delivers Unmatched Picking Speed to Deliver an 8-10x Productivity Boost: There is no faster robotic picking solution than the MobileShelf. Our MobileShelf solution leverages proven AMR technology and Prime Robotics’ powerful software, including our exclusive Prime Workflow Builder is infinitely customizable and learns your operation’s workflows to get more efficient. A worker can make 300 picks per hour while remaining stationary at the pick station, and has virtually zero dwell time (time spent being unproductive while waiting for next robot to arrive).
Recharging MobileShelf Robot: See how the MobileShelf robots docks and undocks at its fast charging recharge station. When a robot needs a recharge, it automatically takes itself out of the picking rotation and goes to an open recharge station. This is a seamless action that happens automatically: The Robotic Automation System (RMS) knows to recharge robots during off-peak times, so there’s no interruption in the warehouse’s workflow.

MobilePallet Moves up to 3,300 lb. pallets throughout the warehouse automatically: MobilePallet saves time as trucks can load and unload faster, and pallets can be moved throughout the warehouse without a forklift, and brought to the order picker automatically. MobilePallet robots work alone or alongside MobileShelf robots and can work 24 hours shifts — happily.
Watch High Volume Order Picking with MobileShelf Robot: This is how we are able to achieve 8-10x picking speeds. MobileShelf robots come to the stationary pick station, where a worker selects an item, and then the next MobileShelf is queued up with the next item. The continuous queue of robots at the pick station means there is virtually no dwell time (the time a worker waits for next robot to arrive). It’s our Prime Workflow Builder that enables this level of efficiency, it is able to learn your operation’s processes and layout to maximize the path robots take, so there’s never any waiting.
See Safety Features Built into all Prime Robotics Robots: Every robot we build includes best-in-class safety features, and our robots have a proven track record of working alongside workers in the warehouse environment. The primary technology for obstacle avoidance is LiDar, and multiple sensors are built into our robots to allow workers to work with robots easily and safely.
AutoShelf: The Autonomous Shelf is a smart, autonomous warehouse robot that is a mobile vehicle for your inventory that can take it virtually anywhere. It can take inventory from a warehouse, onto a truck, then to a store floor where shoppers can select an item. AutoShelf is an intermodal transportation system that eliminates many steps in the supply chain to reduce the number of human touches, save time and drive efficiency.

Warehouse Automation Robots for 2021

AutoJack J-3000

Move pallets to 3,300 lbs.

MobileShelf T-250

Turret for lifting totes or packages.

MobileConveyor T-250

Carries 45 lbs.

MobileConveyor C-1000

Multi-directional conveyor carries 330 lbs.

AutoPallet P-500

Carries cages or trollies to 1,100 lbs.

AutoPallet A-3000

Carries pallets, gaylords, etc. to 3,300 lbs.