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Robots to help you reach your manufacturing goals in any industry.

FANUC has the robotics and expertise to help you succeed. With more than 100 robot models and over 40 years of helping manufacturers achieve their production goals, we’re ready for any manufacturing challenge in any industry. FANUC robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options, straightforward integration, payloads up to 2,300kg, and maximum reaches up to 4.7m.

FANUC’s all-new DR-3iB series of delta robots are specifically designed to maximize speed and versatility in picking and packing applications, especially in food handling and washdown environments. Based on the classic parallel- link design, the DR-3iB Series provides increased payload, inertia, and the longest reach of any FANUC delta robot (1600mm). This robot is easier than ever to program, clean, and sanitize while meeting even the most strict food safety regulations.
Enter a new dimension in high-speed small parts handling with the ultra-compact FANUC M-1iA Series Robot. With 3, 4 or 6 axes, this series of high-speed delta robots is ideal for a variety of applications requiring a maximum payload of 1 kg and a work envelope of up to 420 mm. Through their ability to be mounted in multiple positions, FANUC M-1iA’s can be installed directly into the most compact of machines. As versatile as the human hand, they make an ideal alternative to complicated and expensive hard automation.FANUC M-1iA Series Delta Robot
The FANUC M-2iA Series has been designed to meet multiple space requirements and cover a range of high-speed conveyor and ultra-fast picking, packing, and handling operations. M-2iA Robots are available with 3, 4, or 6 axes, have a payload capacity of up to 6 kg, and a maximum reach of 1.13 m.
FANUC M-3iA Delta Robots are available in either 3, 4, or 6 axes, and are specifically designed to maximize speed and versatility for high-speed picking and packing operations. Their unique parallel-link structure and very large work envelope make them ideal candidates for automating demanding applications across a range of industries including food, pharmaceutical, and electronics.
Our industry leader in payload, reach and axis speed, the M-20 Series benefits from up to 2m in reach and can handle up to 35kg. Strong yet reasonably light, this 6-axis machine’s exceptional design incorporates the benefits of a hollow upper arm without compromising performance. Ideal for multi-material handling, the M-20 makes a great choice for tasks involving medium payloads.
FANUC’s M-410 palletizing series increases throughput on palletizing and handling applications for nearly any medium to heavy palletizing payload. With a capacity up to 700 kg and a reach up to 3.1 m, the 4 or 5 axes M-410 parallel link robot series is ideal for handling medium to heavy payloads. FANUC was one of the first robot suppliers to develop a series specifically designed for palletizing and draws on years of experience and expertise in end of line automation.
The strongest 6 axis robot on the market, the M-2000iA series comes with a handling capacity up to 2.3 t and a reach up to 4.7 m. This makes it the ideal choice for handling and palletizing heavy parts. Its outstanding vertical 6.2 m lifting stroke and horizontal reach makes processing even the largest of workpieces easy. Especially suitable for the automotive or metal industries, these heavy payload robots lift complete cars efficiently and safely.
FANUC Paint Series robots are suitable for a wide variety of painting and coating applications, offer easy access, optimal work envelopes and maximized throughput. With some models designed to operate in hazardous environments, and a wide range of reaches and handling capacities to offer, whatever your painting or dispensing requirements you can be sure there is a FANUC paint robot model to meet your needs.FANUC Paint Series
The R-2000 series is the most successful FANUC robot in the world. Featuring high-performance capabilities and payload capacities ranging from 100 to 270 kg, it makes the perfect solution for multiple applications involving high payloads. Compact and high speed with a slim wrist and arm, the R-2000 is an all-rounder that is designed for all material handling applications and spot welding.
ANUC Series SCARA Robots are ideal for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick and place, testing/inspection, and packaging processes. FANUC SCARA SR-3iA/SR-6iA/SR-12iA offer superior motion and high-speed operation within an ultra-compact footprint and 360° work envelope. FANUC R-30iB Compact Plus Controller offers a simple setup, easy access, and lightweight, compact design. It boasts built-in intelligent features like vision guidance, force sensing, conveyor tracking, and more. FANUC iRProgrammer Software Interface is a web-based programming environment via tablet or PC.

FANUC offers the most versatile line of toploader robots in this class. A combination of benefits makes the Toploader Series the perfect solution for machine tool load/unload and injection molding machine extraction, and fixture load/unload. Compared to traditional linear gantry robots, FANUC toploaders reduce floor space and ceiling height requirements. Their flexibility and dexterity make it possible to perform value-added post-processing operations such as degating, deflashing, labeling, quality assurance, packaging, and palletizing.
FANUC R-1000iA Series Robot is a versatile high-speed robot for a range of operations including welding, handling, and palletizing. Fast, slim, reliable – capable of handling up to 130 kg and reaching up to 2.2 m, R-1000iA Series is ideal for handling applications involving medium payloads. Available in 5, 6, or 7 axes, this robot series is ideal for material handling and spot welding, while its slim design and small footprint help to save floor space.
The fastest handling robot in its class, the M-10 Series delivers improved throughput and optimized cycle times across a wide range of pick, place and machine tending operations. Weighing just 130 kg, the M-10 boasts up to 12 kg in payload, very high axis speeds and acceleration resulting in high wrist movements. Slim cable-integrated arm and hollow wrist assembly support make for easy operation even in confined work areas.
At between 150 and 700 kg, the FANUC M-900 6 axis robot series offers one of the highest payloads on the market. The M-900 series is ideal for almost every application that calls for single or multiple heavy parts with reaches extending to 3.7 m. Varied mounting options make this series very versatile and enable it to make maximum use of the work envelope.
FANUC’s LR Mate Series of human arm-sized robots are your best compact solution for fast handling and processing parts up to 7 kg across a whole range of industries. FANUC LR Mates are available in several models including food, clean room and washproof versions, each with different reaches and wrist speeds to meet your specific needs. These robots can be equipped with an array of intelligence features including vision & force-sensing functionality for even higher levels of accuracy and productivity.